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Kharkiv will host the International Urban Development Congress

понедельник, 4 октября 2010

On 16-18 of February 2011 in Kharkiv will take place the International Urban Development Congress and the Exhibition “Smart City”. The events will be held in Radmir Expohall and are expected to become the largest branch event of the coming year in eastern Ukraine.

The Congress, which brings together urbanist and city planners from 16 countries, will cover questions and missions of urban development in Ukraine.

It is expected that the event will be attended by government representatives, mayors of Ukrainian cities, representatives of business community and professional associations. The Urban Development Congress will also raise the problem of general urban plans framing, engineering infrustructure upgrading, urban management as well as municipal projects investment matters.

The Forum is aimed to attract the attention of authorities, business community and public to the multi-polar development of cities and regions of Ukraine.

Organizer: “Invest in Kharkiv” LLC is a consulting company, specialized business event operator (IFIK-2009, Aeroforum-2010).

Official Website: www.gradoforum.com