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Accreditation of Mass-Media Representatives to International Forum AEROFORUM.UA is available

понедельник, 12 апреля 2010

Starting from April 12, 2010 accreditation of mass-media representatives to International Forum AEROFORUM.UA is available. The Forum will take place during the period of June 7 – 9, 2010 and is considered by aviation industry representatives to be the  main business event of the year in Ukraine.

Together with AEROFORUM.UA, in the new terminal building of International Airport “Kharkiv” (1 Aeroflotskaya Str, Kharkiv) the Routes CIS meeting will be held,  for the first time in the CIS, the key point of which is  new global air-routes development.

Invitations to take part at this event have been forwarded to leaders of aviation sector market in Europe, USA, the CIS, Middle East as well as to top-managers of airports, air-companies, other suppliers and customers of aviation sector, financial investment institutions, international and regional professional associations, national touristic companies, diplomatic and trade embassies and missions, accredited in Ukraine.

Accreditation will enable you to obtain complete information from  the press-center of the Forum in time and full volume and also will allow you to attend all events for the press at AEROFORUM.UA.

If you have questions concerning accreditation, please, contact us by phone +38 068 605 03 83 (press-service “Invest in Kharkiv”), or by e-mail  tanya@aeroforum.ua. Besides, you can also apply by filingl-in the accreditation registration form at our web-site:  www.aeroforum.ua.

When applying for accreditation, please, present your valid press card, official letter from your editors office or printed-out copy of filled-in accreditation form with stamp of your organization on it!

More detailed information about the Forum you can find at our official WEB-site: