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A. Avakov and M. Dobkin supported the holding of an investment forum IFIK-2009

вторник, 27 октября 2009

Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Arsen Avakov and Kharkiv Mayor Mikhail Dobkin has signed an order to provide comprehensive support to the first international investing forum IFIK-2009, which will be held on December 8-9 in Kharkiv.

By order dated October 19, the head of the Kharkiv region A. Avakov instructed rayon administration and a number of departments of Regional State Administration to contribute to the forum conduction. He also instructed the Main Department of Foreign Economic Relations and European Integration of Regional State Administration to assist in the organization and conduction of presentation about investment potential of the Kharkiv region during the Forum.

Mayor of Kharkiv M. Dobkin by his decree of 22th October “About preparation and holding of the International Investing Forum “Invest in Kharkiv” has also directed a number of departments of executive committee to help in organization of IFIK.

M. Dobkin signed a disposal “with the aim to present business and investment possibilities in Kharkiv, to establish mutually beneficial investing and industrial relations, to assist in the attraction of foreign and domestic investors, and also for implementation of projects related to the preparation and conduction of the final tournament of European Football Championship 2012″.

According to the forum’s organizing committee data, disposal of the head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergey Chernov on the IFIK promotion is also prepared. Furthermore, as reported, the forum will bring together heads of regional councils from all regions of Ukraine.

The CEO of investment group Melon and one of the IFIK initiators Sergei Pirozhnikov noted that such support from the different branches of government is unique.

“We are pleased that for the first time in recent years, the business event of this level will be held under the triple patronage and full support of Governor Arsen Avakov, Mayor Mikhail Dobkin and head of the Regional Council Sergei Chernov. Despite the fact that the country is in the active phase of the election campaign, Kharkiv Investing Forum is a non-political event and a point of consolidation to find ways of further development and economic prosperity of our region “, – said S. Pirozhnikov.

He also stressed that of particular relevance will be the second day of IFIK, during which “Kharkiv will demonstrate its full readiness for the European Football Championship”.

IFIK (International Forum “Invest in Kharkiv”) is designed as annual event and is conducted first in 2009. The forum is organized on the initiative of large-scale regional business; its main purpose – is to position Kharkov as a city with high investing potential, and to assist business in capital formation. In IFIK-2009 will take part the representatives of international financial institutes (EBRD, IFC and others), transnational companies (PricewaterhouseCoopers, DLA Piper and others), large-scale Russian business (Sberbank Rossii, Alfa Capital Partners, Beta Capital Management, IG «Aton» and others). Sponsors and partners of the forum are the leading companies in IT-industry: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Datagroup, Freshtel. In the forum program: discussion of the most timely investing projects of the region in first-priority branches of economics and projects connected with Euro-2012. Direct organizer of the forum is consulting company LLC “Invest in Kharkiv”.

Press service of the forum

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